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Q.D.P. – Quality Deer Processing©

"Q.D.P. - Quality Deer Processing" videos are not meant to be videos on how to "butcher" your deer. Instead our Quality Deer Processing videos are intended to show you how to get the absolute most and best venison cuts out of every deer you process.

These videos are the result of more than forty years of cutting, trial and error, experimentation, refinement, and consumption of deer. Some of the methods of processing a deer in our QDP series were unknown fifteen years ago, and are a result of cutting improvements developed by the beef industry.

Because it has been over forty years in development we decided in order to be of the greatest benefit to you, we would share Quality Deer Processing as a series of videos rather than trying to fit the extensive amount of information unto one disk.

Q.M.P. – Quality Meat Processing© - For those of you that may not harvest a deer every year, or just want a change of diet we are also starting our Quality Meat Processing series to show you how easy it is to cut domestic meats at home. For the do-it-yourselfer this is an easy to follow, money saving opportunity.

Good luck hunting,
Dave & Ruth - D & R Processing

Venison Processing VideoQ.D.P. – Quality Deer Processing
DVD Vol. 1 – Ground Meats (1hr. 29 min.)

Trim for grinding contributes the largest percentage of meat off of a deer, accounting for approximately fifty percent of the total boneless meat. In addition, ground venison also offers the most versatility of use of all the cuts from the animal. Because of those factors we felt that our first venison processing video should be devoted to the trim used for grinding.
In this video we will share some of the most popular items that our customers want from their deer.

You will learn how to make fresh venison sausage and how to stuff it in casings even if you don't have a stuffer. We will share the venison hamburger formula that we developed over thirty years ago. A formula that does not use fat or suet, and is so popular that we have customers that will have their entire deer made into hamburger including the backstraps!

In addition you will learn how to make: Mock Chicken Legs, Faux Mignon, Ribettes, Choppees, Stuffed Ground Venison, Basic Italian Mix, Stuffed Peppers, Porcupine Meatballs, Stuffed Italian Meatloaf, and Pizza Steaks.

If you have had problems getting your family or friends to eat venison then this is the video for you! > Purchase this DVD in our online store

Venison Processing VideoQ.D.P. – Quality Deer Processing
DVD Vol. 2 – Skinning, Cutting Front 1/4s & Neck (1hr. 25 min.)

In QDP Volume 2 you will learn how to skin with the head down and leave the meat on the carcass and not on the hide. You will also learn how to minimize the amount of hair left on the carcass and how to separate the head from the carcass at the atlas joint maximizing the neck roast / trim.

Unfortunately some hunters grind all of the front quarters and neck, or even worse some have been known to discard them! On this video you will learn the cuts that can be made from the front ¼'s and neck including the English Rst, Mock Tender, Top Blade (Flat Iron Steak), Boneless Neck Roast and Boneless Chuck Roast.

We even share with you the best mix of venison hamburger we have ever found. This one is so good that we served it at one of our picnics and nobody knew it was venison! > Purchase this DVD in our online store

Venison Processing VideoQ.D.P. – Quality Deer Processing
DVD Vol. 3 – Rounds, Loins, Boning, Burger, Wrapping
(1hr. 9 min.)

QDP – Quality Deer Processing Volume 3 shows you how to properly muscle bone the hindquarters to attain the maximum amount of desirable cuts. You will learn how to seam out the rounds into the four round sub-primals. You will also learn how to remove and cut the Sirloin Tips, Top Sirloins, Tenderloins, and Loins.

Then you will learn how we attain a better than 50% yield of boneless meat to carcass weight by boning the skeleton. We'll end up by showing you how to blend and grind venison hamburger, and the best way to wrap your venison for maximum freezer life.

Combined with our first two QDP videos you will have the knowledge to professionally process your deer into variety that you and your family will be sure to enjoy. > Purchase this DVD in our online store