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On this page you will find two of the venison recipes that are in the "QDE - Quality Deer Eating Cookbook". As you can see, we not only make sure that our venison recipes are uncomplicated, but we provide pictures for every venison recipe so you can actually see how it is made.

When writing this cookbook, we realized that in today's world most of us are looking for the same three goals when it comes to venison recipes:

Simplicity: no exotic ingredients, easy preparation.
Time: relatively short preparation time.
Taste: must be appetizing to eat.

We believe that you will agree that "QDE - Quality Deer Eating" has accomplished these goals. To order your copy today just click here to go to our on-line store page.

Venison Recipe 1: Surf & Turf Cube Steak

1) 4 large Cube Steaks
2) 1 - 8oz Imitation Crab Flakes
3) 1 - 8oz Cream Cheese
4) Parsley Flakes


1) Open cream cheese and place in microwaveable bowl, soften and microwave. (Or leave in package and soften in warm water.)
2) Finely chop imitation crab
3) Mix by hand, chopped imitation crab and cheese
4) Divide mixture into four piles and roll each into a log.
5) Place log on each steak, roll up tightly, and garnish with parsley.

FinishedCooking Instructions
Place in covered dish and bake at 350F for approximately 30-40 minutes, until meat reaches a temperature of 145F - 150F.
Note: If frozen allow 1 hour for baking

Venison Recipe 2: Venetta Roast

Venetta Roast1) Venison Neck
2) Seasoned Salt
3) Seasoned Pepper
4) Garlic Powder
5) Oregano
6) Basil
7) Bay Leaves
8) Cracked Black Pepper

1: Remove windpipe from the bottom of the neck. With the bottom side up, use the tip of your knife to separate the meat from the bone until you reach the yellow cord that runs (look photo 1 below) along the top of the neck. Turn the neck around and remove the meat in the same way on the other side of the neck. Using the tip of your knife carefully remove the yellow cord (look photo 2 below), keeping the neck in one piece.

Photo 1
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 2

2: Season the inside of the neck with seasoned salt, seasoned pepper, garlic powder, basil, oregano, and 1 crushed bay leaf.
3: Roll up the neck and tie with butcher string.
4: Combine equal portions of cracked black pepper and seasoned pepper. Sprinkle on outside of roast for a mild flavor, or roll roast in mixture for a more traditional flavor.

Cooking instructionsCooking Instructions
Place in crock-pot on low, and cook for a minimum of eight hours. If frozen allow additional time.


Photo 1
Photo 2


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E-mail recipes from our visitors

From Bev Scott
My venison roasts are to die for. I have five daughters and am slowly introducing venison to them.
1-roast any cut, 1/2-1 can of beer. soy sauce, crushed fresh garlic (approx.6-8 cloves). Marinate for 2-? hours. Cook in a dutch oven in marinate for 6-8 hrs. or until meat falls of bones."
Mmmm, Enjoy.

From Sharon F.
This is the best meatballs ever. Use deer meat, no added beef or pork, roll into meatballs, put enough oil (I use olive) in skillet to brown on all sides, simmer for about 10 min. Then put into crockpot, mix 1 cup brown sugar, 1 bottle kraft honey barbecue sauce together pour over meatballs and slow simmer for several hours until well done, very good, served over rice or by themselves as an ordirve.

From Patrick and Leslye in Milwuakee
Venison "Buffalo Chip" Stroganoff

Dear Dave and Ruth,
Don't know if anyone else came up with this but thought that we would pass it along. It was SOOO tasty.

Venison Buffalo Chips lightly browned in a little oil.
Add 1 family size can Cream of Mushroom Soup
approx 1 1/2 cups water
approx 8 oz sour cream
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix together.
Pour over noodles or rice.
Viola: Venison Buffalo Chip Stroganoff

We thought that the soup and sour cream might cover up the taste of the chips but they complimented well.