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Venison cut chart Q.D.P.
Quality Deer Processing
The D & R Way

Venison Primal and Cuts Chart

Photo right:  Skinned Whole Carcass

- Head removed at atlas joint
- Flank and plate meat intact
- Tail bone removed
- Inside & outside rinsed
- Hung at <35 degrees

Click on each section of the image to view primals and cuts available from D&R Processing



D & R Processing: Boneless Venison Primals

Venison Primals

Boneless Hind ¼ Primals
1) Eye of Round
2) Bottom Round
3) Top Sirloin
4) Top Round
5) Sirloin Tip
6) Tenderloins
7) Backstraps
Boneless Front ¼ Primals
8) Neck
9) Shoulder
10) Top Blade
11) Mock Tender