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The cutting room panorama below will show you the culmination of a long standing dream and the overwhelming acceptance of our QDE (Quality Deer Eating)© idea of processing.

Starting in 1996 and experiencing double-digit increases every year, we realized at the end of the 1999 season that we had to make a serious decision. Either we devised a way to increase our efficiencies, or we commit to doing no more deer than the level we had reached.

Knowing the satisfaction we were providing to our customers and realizing the vast numbers of customers we had yet to introduce to QDE©, we made the decision to have a state of the art cutting room added on to our current cutting room/garage. Utilizing the thirty-three years of experience in the meat business and considering the vast numbers of meat departments I've worked in, I was able to develop a room that would be both efficient in flow and offer the ability to maintain a high standard of sanitation.

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In addition to the cutting room we also included numerous items of equipment that we felt would further enhance our operation. These additions include: a circular rail system for hanging the deer, walk-in cooler and freezer, two vacuum tumblers, vacuum packaging machine, and a three compartment stainless sink for cleanup.

Then to make it enjoyable when cutting 10 -12 hours a day (during rifle season), we placed a window behind the cutting table that overlooks the beautiful Menominee River which flows past our front yard. So give it a couple of minutes to load and then come on in a visit our cutting room.

Dave & Ruth