DeerOptions Checklist



We developed the following checklist in order to make it easier for you to decide what items you would like made out of your deer when bringing it to D & R Processing. This list is in alphabetical order and is updated on a regular basis to reflect new or deleted items.

On an average, we can make three varieties of ground items and three types of marinated steaks/roasts from a properly handled deer. The actual results will vary depending on size, shot damage, handling, and what you want made from your deer.

Please keep in mind that we only process legally tagged deer, and do not have retail sales of venison.

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Example of printable checklist

( )Baraga Roast
( )Bacon Gourmet Burgers
( )BBQ Minute Steaks
( )Black Forest Roast
( )Buffalo Chips
( )Burger - D & R Recipe
( )Butter Garlic Marinated
( )Cajun Marinated
( )Chipotle Marinated
( )Choppees
( )Cordon Bleu Roast
( )Country Ribs - Seasoned
( )Faux Mignon
( )Filet Mignon
( )Greek Marinated
( )Imperial Roast

( )Lemon Pepper Minute Steaks
( )Medallions
( )Meatloaf
( )Mesquite Marinated
( )Mock Chicken Legs
( )Monte Cristo Roast
( )Montreal Roast
( )Mushroom Gourmet Burgers
( )Onion Gourmet Burgers
( )Onion Minute Steaks
( )Montreal Minute Steaks
( )Porketta Minute Steaks
( )Porketta Roast - Regular
( )Prime Rib - Seasoned
( )Salisbury Steak
( )Teriyaki Marinated


( )Bacon Dbl Cheese
( )Beer
( )Black Forest
( )Bratdogs
( )Breakfast
( )Cheeseburger
( )Cheesehead
( )Cheezee Italian
( )Chili Cheese
( )Cordon Bleu
( )Cudighi
( )Ham & Cheese
( )Honey Dijon
( )Honey Garlic
( )Italian

( )Jalapeno Cheddar
( )Jalapeno Pepper Cheese
( )Maple Breakfast Sausage
( )Mushroom & Swiss
( )Philly
( )Pizza
( )Polish
( )Potato Brat
( )Potato
( )Salisbury
( )Sheboygan
( )Smokehouse Bacon
( )Teriyaki
( )Tomato Basil