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Located a one hour drive north of Green Bay, WI in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, D & R Processing was established in 1996 by Dave & Ruth Firnett. Having more than forty years of retail meat and venison processing experience, Dave felt it was time to share with fellow deer hunters a processing concept based on quality and yield and not speed.

The idea is to create variety with venison that hunters, their family and their friends will actually enjoy eating. This concept is what Dave and Ruth call: "QDP - Quality Deer Processing" and "QDE - Quality Deer Eating."

While many processors feel that bragging rights should be based on how many deer they cut per day or per season, at D & R Processing, bragging rights are based on yield, quality and variety.

We spend an average of 8-10 man hours per deer and limit ourselves to no more than three deer per day. In return we average a 55% yield of boneless meat to dressed weight and offer more than two hundred possible combinations of variety to pick from in our processing.

As you may imagine it wasn't too many seasons before the demand for our services exceeded our ability to supply. As a result, rather than sacriface our standards, in 2002 we established this website to share our venison processing concepts with the world.

Now through our cookbook, video, processing classes, FAQ's and informational pages on this website you too will be a believer in QDP & QDE

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Dave and Ruth

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